Bio Hazard

Biohazard Remediation Services

Detecting biohazards whether immediately after a disaster or from the effect of improper handling of a catastrophic event is critically important. For example, a property could flood and the resulting water will often lead to problems with mold if not dried properly. The same is the case with a fire extinguished with water.

Cranes Restoration provides biohazard remediation services that are preventive, corrective, and post-event. Our main objective is to provide an immediate response and quality results that are long term.


Our expert remediation specialists have the knowledge and expertise to address many issues involving specific biohazards. The education and training of our team members is ongoing so that we keep up-to-date with the latest procedures to address biohazard concerns.

Disasters that occur at a property often result in air quality concerns and health hazards. Experts are needed to investigate a property and to execute remediation processes. Specific plans are needed to address any contamination that is present. The goal is to address the problem quickly and efficiently.

We use special equipment and the latest technology to address a biohazard in a home or other type of structure. Improper remediation has consequences that we at Crane’s Restoration take very seriously.

Lab Testing

Because some substances resulting from a destructive event can be very toxic to humans, animals and the environment, we test our samples in a state of the art laboratory ensuring highly accurate results.

A detailed report is provided to our experts to develop a suitable course of action. Our aim is to not only provide remediation and removal of biohazards, but also ensure that there is no disruption to on-going work.

Mould Remediation

Excess moisture combined with water from a leak or a flood is a recipe for mould and mildew. Various problems in a home or business can lead to the development of mould. This includes a leaky roof, backup of sewer or drain pipes, plumbing leaks,appliance failures and floods from storms. One thing to keep in mind is the mould may be in different forms; one of the most dangerous is black mould.

Mould remediation will requi’sre the use of special equipment and processes to ensure any spores do not spread. Crane Restoration will contain existing mould in a home or business by controlling air movement, properly disposing of all waste material, and fully cleaning all areas that are affected.

Asbestos Abatement

Asbestos is a product that was once used for many types of building materials. Asbestos use has decreased as the product can lead to serious health issues. However, asbestos can still be found in older homes and structures. Common building materials include insulation and floor tiles. Removal needs to be done by qualified experts as the greatest danger occurs when asbestos is airborne. Proper guidelines and procedures need to be followed when performing any asbestos abatement.

Any home or structure that was built prior to 1990 will require testing for asbestos. Cranes Restoration will come to the home or property of the customer to take samples for testing. A check of the condition of the material is also performed. Rest assured, you are in safe and experienced hands.

Lead Abatement

Crane’s Restoration also works to remove Lead, something that is toxic to both humans and the environment. Lead can be found in the piping of a structure and needs to be removed for the health and well being of residents.

Harmful Pathogens

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems can lead to poor air quality and increased pollution. Individuals will typically spend over 80 per cent of their time indoors. This means pollutants in a home or office may lead to a variety of health issues. It is important that the indoor air quality in a home or other structure with an HVAC system be running properly to limit the level of contaminants. A basic assessment is needed to determine if a home or business has a high level of harmful pathogens present.

One reason pollutants spread inside is due to air movement. This will include the vents that are used when an air conditioning unit or heating unit is running. Most heating units are in the basement or in an area of the home that may have airborne bacteria, germs, and odours. For example, mould may be present in a basement.

Any occupants who are coughing or experiencing respiratory problems may have allergies caused by various pollutants. The proper elimination and decontamination of pollutants will make the home or office safe and healthy.