Other Remediation Services

Environmental Services:
Cranes Restoration is a leading provider of environmental services on all property types including residential, commercial and industrial. Cranes combines environmental expertise, hands-on experience and an extensive fleet of equipment in order to provide practical and cost effective solutions to a wide range of clients.

Spill Remediation:
Cranes Restoration knowledge of how to most effectively segregate, handle and treat contaminated soil, water and hazardous waste defines who we are. We deliver value and peace of mind to our clients. Cranes puts specialized site remediation knowledge and experience to work every day across Ontario. As a priority,we have maintained excellent safety records and results. Our experienced operators operate a full complement of specialized earthworks equipment, enabling them to efficiently remediate contaminated sites to the requirements of their clients.

Cranes Restoration approaches every demolition project with a specific plan in place to ensure the safety of the surrounding individuals, buildings and property. Our highly trained staff and company-owned equipment are capable of completing both interior demolition as well as complete structural demolition.

Other Services Include:
Biohazard Spills
Odour Control
Portable Toilets
Dangerous Good Emergency Response
Emergency Spill Cleanup