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Fire Damage Restoration Services

A fire that can occur in a home or other structure requires an immediate and directed response. However, once the fire is put out the resulting damage can often be overwhelming. The lives of the occupants in the home or business will be dramatically impacted and the recovery process is often physically and mentally challenging. A property owner may not know where to begin after a tragedy occurs. That’s where Cranes Restoration & Cleaning Services comes in.

The Basics

Fire-damaged properties need to be thoroughly examined for harmful toxins, safety, functional capability and structural integrity issues. Our focus is to limit the damage and secure the premises. This occurs in the form of boarding up windows, removing debris, providing temporary power, and performing site stabilization.

Recovery actions will proceed after the examination of the fire damage is complete. The goal of Cranes Restoration is to restore the property to a pre-damaged condition that is odour free.

Addressing Water, Smoke and Odour Damage

The most common problems as result of a fire in any type of property include water and smoke damage, and the odours and potential mould and mildew that result. Aditional problems can be present. For example, many homeowners often do not realize that there is additional damage beyond just that of the fire. For example, water used to put out the fire can mix with the soot and leave ash residue that is toxic.

Also, items in structures that have not been directly affected by a fire can have an odour due to the smoke and damage from water. Cranes Restoration uses special drying chambers designed to heat, dehumidify, and produce air movement for controlled drying of contents within.

Cranes Restoration uses a variety of drying methods to address water damage. This includes the use of open systems, closed systems, refrigerant dehumidifiers and desiccant dehumidifiers. All of these methods require air circulation to promote drying.

Our specialists at Cranes Restoration have the knowledge and expertise to address the damage that has been caused by a fire and to perform the fire damage restoration services that you require.