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Flood and Water Damage Restoration Services

While a flood can cause significant damage to a home or business, there are several more common problems that result in a need for water damage restoration services. Some of the most common are due to water leaking from broken pipes, drain backups, storms, and malfunctioning appliances. In a worst case scenario, the water could be contaminated and should be treated accordingly.

It is crucial to address any type of water damage immediately. The first step for homeowners is to contact us at Cranes Restoration to do a proper analysis.

Water and Sewage

The backup of a sewer pipe or storm drain will contain various types of contaminants. There will often be bacteria, micro-organisms, and even mould that will be hazardous to the occupants in a home or business. This is the main reason occupants need to avoid areas where the backup of sewage has occurred.

One aspect to keep in mind about water damage is clean up is needed immediately to ensure the area is free of mould and other contaminants that can affect air quality. You can be assured Cranes Restoration uses the latest technologies for cleaning and disinfecting a home or business when any treatment process is required.

Structural Drying

The drying process in a home or business will begin once all water-damaged items are removed. There are a variety of methods that are applied for drying an area affected by a flood, storm, water pipe breakage, appliance leakage, or other liquid disaster. The most common methods include the use of dehumidifiers, vacuums, and fans to remove excess moisture. Air movement is a crucial aspect with any type of structural drying process. We can make it a priority to set it up as soon as possible.

Odour Removal

Water damage will often result in odours that need to be removed. There are many organic compounds and chemical compounds that are available to remover odours. The most common reason for odours in a home or business is due to bacteria, mould, and even mildew. We will first determine the source or the odour prior to deciding on the proper course of action.

If you have any questions about water or flood damage, contact us at Cranes Restoration today.