reStore Medicine Hat

reStore Medicine Hat – a partnership we are proud of

When the worst happens and a major disaster has occurred the road to recovery can seem long. Here at Cranes Restoration we understand that having your home and property damaged due to a disaster can be a traumatic experience.

For many years, we have helped thousands of people Alberta put their lives back together by restoring their homes back to the way they used to be. We know home is where the heart is and that is why we strive to help those in need. Our specialized team of professionals here at Cranes Restoration will be there when you need us. So if your home has suffered from water, fire or smoke damage, we can help to restore it.

Our partnership with Habitat for Humanity of Alberta

Recently, we have added a new way to help. This is through the strong partnership we have developed with Habitat for Humanity of Alberta in Medicine Hat. This nonprofit organization has helped hundreds of people find adequate shelter for their families. From newly built homes to remodels, the people of Habitat for Humanity in Medicine Hat have worked hard to assist those who are in need.

We work closely with Habitat and purchase some of our building materials directly from their reStore. The reStore is a building supply store where both individuals and companies like our own purchase slightly used building materials for a much cheaper price. This helps us save our customers money while still providing high quality materials for their home. In return, the money made from the sale of these materials goes directly back into the Habitat for Humanity’s budget allowing them to continue to provide shelter for those in need.

At reStore Medicine Hat you can find a wide range of building materials such as doors, windows, and other new and used items. Sometimes our jobs require, for example, only replacing a single base board. So instead of purchasing all new ones we look for one that will match the old ones. This helps us keep down costs – savings which we can then pass on the to the customer. This works well when dealing with insurance companies who are often strict about what they will pay for.

The reStore gets their building materials from major construction and restoration companies all over Alberta including us here at Cranes Restoration. Whenever we finish a job and we have usable building scraps left over, we donate them to Habitat for Humanity of Alberta in Medicine Hat. Recently, we donated truck loads! They can either use these materials on one of their own building projects or put them for sale in the reStore.

This symbiotic relationship of give and take works well for both our company and Habitat for Humanity. But those who are in need are the ones that benefit the most. We are proud to have a working relationship with Habitat for Humanity reStore in Medicine Hat and look forward to many years of combined effort to help those in need.

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