Weather Damage Restoration Services Medicine Hat

Weather Damage

Severe storms often result in high winds and hail that can result in severe damage in need of immediate attention. We provide our customers with 24-hour emergency response service for damage which results from extreme weather. Our team of trained professionals is part of a hazard management system that is ready to deploy when a call comes in from a customer.

The Basics

We are armed with the knowledge and expertise to effectively handle any type of mitigation necessary for a customer. This includes any recovery activities that result from severe weather, such as a tree, that can cause damage to your home.

Structures damaged by weather-related event need an examination to determine structural integrity, functional capability, and safety. Considerations for a property will include boarding up all doors and windows, site stabilization, debris removal, and temporary power installations.

Tree Impacts

The stability of trees that surround a house or other structures can be unpredictable during a storm with high winds. If damage does occur, you can be sure that our extensive expertise in this area enables us to deal with any situation effectively.

Many tree impacts are covered by homeowners insurance. Customers should check to see if their insurance coverage will cover necessary repairs.

Roof Repairs

High winds can often remove shingles and cause damage to the roof of a home or any other structures on a property. This is often the cause of water damage in a home and the source of contaminants that result in an unsafe condition. Cranes Restoration will immediately address any issues that result from a roof leak. Many types of leaks are covered by a homeowner’s insurance policy.

Hail Storms

Hail is a destructive result of a severe thunderstorm. Non-coastal areas, such as Southern Alberta, with severe winter weather are prone to hail throughout the year. Cranes Restoration can easily address any damage that has occurred to a home or other structures on a residential property. Homeowner’s insurance coverage may or may not include hail damage. We also can perform weather damage restoration services for businesses.