Site Remediation

Cranes Restoration is ready to provide 24 hour emergency response to petroleum spills. Our environmental technicians have great expertise in dealing with the site assessment, applicable emergency procedures and mitigation solutions to contain the spill.

We also serve service station companies. Our petroleum mechanics can remove & install fuels tanks and perform pump or nozzle maintenance.. We can also perform any required soil remediation work. Most of the fuel tanks leak in the ground over the years and the contaminated must be removed according to MOE Standards.

As required, our knowledgeable staff work in conjunction with the proper regulatory agencies to ensure that the clean-up of the spill complies with applicable provincial environmental laws and guidelines.

We ensure that proper remedial is done in order to eliminate further liability and fines. We ensure this by utilizing proper sampling techniques in order to prove that the site is scientifically cleaned to MOE standards. Also, with Crane’s Restoration’s proven documentation, proper agencies know that the site has been cleaned and they can prevent any adverse effects.